About Me

■Best Holiday:New Zealand
■Birth Month:June
■Career Goals: West coast eagles player or Carpenter
■Favorite Band(s):Dont have one
■Favorite Lolly:lollie pop
■Favourite Foods:Dont have one
■Favourite Snack:Chips
■Favorite soft drink:Solo
■Favorite Subject:Sport
■Hobbies/Sports:Aussie rules football and rugby
■Pet Peeve:Cats                                                                                                                 ■Pets:Cats
■Family Mum Dad 3 brothers 4 sisters

i got the idea from student blogging challenge http://studentchallenge.edublogs.org/2012/03/04/week-1-all-about-me/

5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Wow is all I have to say because how can you deal with 3 brothers and 4 sisters. I have 1 brother and 2 sisters. I like my brother better than my sisters. My bros name is Jake and I think he is amazing. My other 2 sisters are really whinny and complain a lot. Who is your favorite sibling? What do you like to do in free time? If you want to visit my blog here is the web address: http://hayleyf6le.edublogs.org/
    Hope I will see you on my blog and talk some.

  2. Hey Cj, my name is Becca and I’m from Dewitt, IA in United States and I was wondering what kind of drink is SOLO I have never heard of it and I was just wondering what it was like a poplur kind of drink in New Zealand. I also love sports my favorite is soccer!! What is your??

  3. Wel done for getting started on the 2012 challenge. You certainly have a big family (or at least larger than mine)

    Looking forward to your next posts

    Melbourne Australia

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